Farelert Case Study

Over the period of a month, we collected data for numerous flights from a variety of airlines and a variety of types of flight (domestic, regional, international etc), each flight for two adults and one child. The data that we collected was conclusive in that flight prices are indeed extremely volatile and show that Farelert can provide substantial savings when used to monitor the price of a flight over any given period. Keeping in mind, this data was only collected over a period of 30 days – imagine how much more money you could’ve saved by simply using Farelert for even longer!

There were times when prices changed each day and other times when it took 5 or more days for the price to change; representing the unpredictable nature of flight prices.

We also found that when the price either dropped or increased, it generally did so significantly yet again showing how booking on the “right” or “wrong” day could be the difference between paying £1,400 or £1,160!

From this specific case study, we found that just by using Farelert, user’s could’ve saved a staggering £258 by simply booking at the “right” time! Farelert would’ve then notified the user of these significant price drops allowing the user to get the best deal possible.

I think we’re safe to say you’d be mad if you didn’t want to save this amount of money! We found similar results with other flights of which we collected data from; which over time we’ll post to the blog.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already – you can signup to be invited to Farelert for early access once we launch, which we’re hoping will be very early 2014!

Statistics of Case Study:

  • 30 Days
  • Highest Price: £1,369.50
  • Lowest Price: £1,111.44
  • Potential Saving: (1,369.50 – 1,111.44) = £258.06


*Graph is used for reference only. Not representative of complete data collection.